Aetos House

The house constitutes a playful entanglement of ancient mythical narratives, modern structural ideals, contemporary infrastructures and everyday local building methods.
The design regime is one of looking at history and using what works, or what through time has proven to outperform other comparative solutions. The dominant structural frame sets up a type of Wunderkammer collection of tectonic delight. This method of organization allows the structural reading of the frame to remain intact.


Client: The client, part Dutch part Greek, jewelry designer, and place maker. She grew up in the Netherlands but spent her childhood summers in Greece. She imagined a home where her diasporic family and friends could converge.

Shape: The shape of the house is long and narrow, a mutation of the traditional Greek Stoa building type with a landscaped, dry stacked stone stylobate. It lies parallel to the coastline, optimizing the view while simultaneously sheltering the living space from strong northern winds. The breezeway in the center connects Evia’s Mount Ochi to the north with the Aegean Sea to the south. It lies on axis with the island of Kea which forms its distant view.
Structure: The concrete structural frame is a grid consisting of 4.8×4.8x3m bays with 30x30cm columns, and 30x50cm beams. A legacy of modernism, the concrete frame is the most common construction method in the region due to its economy and durability. The columns and beams are slightly oversized to protect the steel reinforcement from the corrosive effect of salt. The structure provides a framework onto which distinct raw architectural elements are inserted, stone walls, brass storage walls, glass walls, bathrooms, terracotta roof, solar shading, appliances, furniture…
Roof: Drawing on 5th century B.C know-how and folklore, the Hip roof shape is a pine wood structure that rests on the modernist concrete frame. It is layered with terracotta tiles that end with an Antefix – an historical roof element still commonly used today. The thickened end piece caps and protects the ends of the tiles from damage. Shaped in the head of Hermes, its ability to protect is extended into a communion with the gods.
Walls: The North and South walls are made from local Karystos stone, a mix of greens, reds, and greys. East and West facing walls are clad in brass, akin to a protective Linothorax. In a nod to Helios, they glow a golden yellow with early morning and afternoon light, changing color with the passing of time.
Life: Life exists mostly outdoors. The breezeway separates living spaces. To the east are four enclosed bays, each bay a program: cooking, eating, sleeping, and living. To the west are two independent living bays, each with its own entrance. To the south, the open, covered colonnade acts as both outdoor corridor, kitchen, and collective living space.

Indoor: 150m2
Outdoor (covered): 175m2
Completed: 2022
Location: Aetos, Evia, Greece

Design: Architect: NMinusOne: Christos Marcopoulos and Carol Moukheiber
Construction and Management: Architect: Konstantinos Polychroniou and Maria Tsipoura

Make Alive: TedX University of Toronto Lecture by Christos Marcopoulos

NEW RELEASE : “the living, breathing, thinking, responsive buildings of the future”

the living, breathing, thinking, responsive buildings of the future
One of the more exciting realities of 21st-century life is that objects are now able – with the help of embedded technology – to sense, think, act and communicate.Very soon, every building, city and landscape component will be equipped with communicative and computational capacities: we shall be surrounded by sentient architecture.

This book documents the role of architecture in shaping this new reality in multiple research trajectories launched and guided by the authors at the University of Toronto, MIT, and the University of Hong Kong. The projects establish an interdisciplinary platform involving artists, architects, designers, scientists and engineers spanning different institutions and continents, all of whom take a technological approach to spatial problems, one deeply attuned to the dynamics of living systems. The aim is to develop from these collaborative experiments a digitally enhanced architecture that is well-equipped to handle persistent and emerging challenges in creating a healthy and sustainable environment.


London : Thames & Hudson, 2012
HongKong : Oscer Riera Ojeda Publishers, 2012

Authors : Carol Moukheiber, Rodolphe el-Khoury, Christos Marcopoulos
Managing editor : Oscar Riera Ojeda
Creative Direction by Leo Malinow
Graphic Design by Alejandra Román
Copy Editing by Kit Maude
Cover & Flaps image by Justin Cheng


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IM BLANKY presented at the Toronto Wearables Meetup


We were invited to present IM BLANKY at the Wearables Meetup, a great forum hosted by the Social Body Lab.
Organizers: Kate Hartman, Assistant Professor (OCAD) Director, Social Body Lab with Erin Lewis, Research Assistant, Toronto Wearables Meetup Coordinator.

Toronto Wearables Meetup
“The Toronto Wearables Meetup is a monthly lecture series and gathering of people interested in wearable technology, fashion, wearable electronics, soft circuits, electronic textiles, emerging materials, and other creative and innovative approaches to things that live on the body. This Meetup is a gathering for artists, fashion designers, industrial designers, textile enthusiasts, engineers, researchers, students, and anyone interested in these emerging and intersecting fields.”

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X-Stock in Full Circle Show

X-Stock is a concept for a line of clothing that uses the “deadstock” or “new old stock” of a Fifth Avenue luxury clothing brand. New but old, beautiful but hidden, these stockpiled clothes sit, wait and accumulate. While the deadstock problem is symptomatic of the retail industry as a whole, for a luxury brand the usual solution of a sale, or deep discount runs counter to its exclusivity. The clothes are consequently locked up.

November 15, 2012 – March 16, 2013
12 – 6pm, Tuesday through Saturday

Andrei Zerebecky & Lukasz Kos, Four-O-Nine, Shanghai

An Te Liu, Toronto

Carol Moukheiber & Christos Marcopoulos, Studio (n-1), Toronto

Jimenez Lai, Bureau Spectacular, Chicago

Lubo Brezina, LUBO, Toronto

Luke Liu Kuo-Chang, Open United Studio, Tainan

Mathematical equation, cosmological realm, simple shape, symbol, metaphor, transitive verb – the circle can be all of these and more. WORKshop’s exhibition takes the figure of speech “coming full circle” as its point of departure: a group of architects, artists, and designers visualize what the phrase means to them. Full Circle is therefore an amalgam of personal odysseys orbiting a convergent set of themes: location and relocation, polarities of East and West, historical and biological cycles, somewhere and nowhere, even re-cycling. Although singular in approach and tone, the individuals taking part all acknowledge a dimension of time and space beyond quotidian experience.


Lots of press and encouraging attention for IM BLANKY!

Selected links:

“IM Blanky: soft hardware- Developed by Studio NMinusOne, this is a self modeling blanket exhibiting primitive cognitive skills.AnewsreportfromToronto… ”

Wired UK (Geoff Manaugh)
“IM Blanky: the blanket that feels: Is the cloud not fluffy enough for you? Try a blanket instead… “

Wall Street Journal
“A Blanket With an I.P. Address: The IM Blanky’s sensors relay information about movement of the fabric to a computer

Fast Company Design
“Smart Blankie Senses Your Snuggles And Shares Them On The Internet: The world’s most snuggled object can now feel your touch…”

“IM Blanky by Studio NMinusOne and Rodolphe el-Khoury: Called Im Blanky, it maps the positions of 104 tilt sensors arranged…”

“High-tech blanket can watch you sleep: Toddlers hoping to add a new dimension to games of peek-a-boo need to look no further than a high-tech blanket under development in Canada…”

“IM Blanky: News of the sensory blanket that monitors you whilst you sleep…”

“The World’s Most High-Tech Blanket Could One Day Be Used For Easy 3D Modeling: It might not look like the traditional quilt your grandmother made for you, but that’s because the IM Blanky is embroidered with sensors, resistors, and conductive fabrics making it self-aware…”

“Smart blanket monitors you while you sleep: Architects from the University of Toronto have taken the idea of a “security blanket” into the 21st century…”

Toronto Star
“Innovative blanket could monitor your health – or just keep you toasty:Fold up the Snuggie. U of T architects have created a new comforter that’s as smart as it is pretty…”

Creative Apllications
“IM Blanky–Self-positioning and representing blanket by Studio NMinusOne: Created by Studio NMinusOne at the University of Toronto (Responsive Architecture at Daniels), IM Blanky is a self-positioning and representing blanket….”

“A Blanket That Knows its Own Shape: IM BLANKY, from a group of architects at the University of Toronto, is both blanket and input device. Its surface is decorated with a network of interconnected sensors and microcontrollers that is both functional and beautiful….”

Discovery News
“Conductive Blanket Makes 3-D Images: For those who never jumped on the Snuggie bandwagon, you were wise to wait. There’s a smarter, more advanced, self-aware blanket from the University of Toronto that will put all other wraps to shame…”

“Hi-tech blanket to keep patients well covered: A blanket made of conductive fabrics and featuring more than 100 sensors linked to a computer could offer a more comfortable hospital experience for future patients, according to its Toronto-based creators. Ben Gruber reports…”

Farnsworth Curtain

Carol Moukheiber and Christos Marcopoulos

Date: 2011

Min Woo Kim

Farnsworth Wall

Carol Moukheiber and Christos Marcopoulos

Date: 2009

Christos Marcopoulos and Carol Moukheiber with Mani Mani


IM BLANKY selected project // ACADIA 2012 Synthetic Digital Ecologies
The conference was held at CCA, California College of the Arts. (Oct. 18-21/2012)
Conference Chair: Jason Kelly Johnson (CCA, Future Cities Lab)
co-chairs: Mark Cabrinha (Cal Poly)
Kyle Steinfeld (UC Berkeley)

“The conference will highlight experimental research and projects that explore the reciprocity and synergy between bits and atoms, the digital and the physical, and between digital code and material logic. The conference will bring together designers, researchers and practitioners who engage, question and aspire to stretch these boundaries. Architects, fabricators, engineers, media artists, technologists, hackers and others in related fields of inquiry are invited to participate.”

IM BLANKY was presented in a session title “Emerging Interfaces”.
It was also shown in “WILD CARDS”, a curated and juried exhibit organized chaired by Natalie Gattegno (CCA, Future Cities Lab) and Brian Price (CCA).

Participants for the curated exhibition include: Achim Menges, Neri Oxman, Faulders Studio, MATSYS, Rael/San Fratello, IwamotoScott, Kruysman | Proto, FreelandBuck, Doris Sung (DOSU) with Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter and Matthew Melnyk, Ogrydziac/Prillinger, Atelier Manferdini, Future Cities Lab, Ball-Nogues, Cabrinha-Kudless-Shook, Fletcher Studio, Oyler Wu Colaborative, Price Studio, VeeV / Raveevarn Choksombatchai.

Juried Projects include: Cutwork, Dragon Skin Pavilion, Digital Plaster, Flowing Matter, Gleaned, Green Negligee, IM BLANKY, Learning from Candela, MANTA, Plis/Replis, Spring Challenge, Sartorical Tectonics, Dynamic Support, Terri-Form, Unnatural Materials.

more on ACADIA here

Studio (n-1) Presents at The Architectural League of New York

We are honored and thrilled to be recognized by The Architectural League!
Presentation on March 09, 2012

“The Architectural League’s annual Emerging Voices Award spotlights North American individuals and firms with distinct design “voices” that have the potential to influence the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. The jury reviews significant bodies of realized work that represent the best of their kind, and address larger issues of architecture, landscape, and the built environment. This year’s jury included Henry Cobb, Paul Lewis, Geoff Manaugh, Jamie Maslyn Larson, Annabelle Selldorf, Claire Weisz, and Dan Wood.”

The 2012 Emerging Voices are:

5468796 architecture, Winnipeg
Manon Asselin and Katsuhiro Yamazaki, Atelier TAG, Montreal
Jose Castillo and Saidee Springall, arquitectura911sc, Mexico City
Jeffrey Inaba, INABA, Los Angeles and New York
Christos Marcopoulos and Carol Moukheiber, Studio NMinusOne, Toronto
Kate Orff and Elena Brescia, SCAPE / Landscape Architecture, New York
Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu, Oyler Wu Collaborative, Los Angeles
Jinhee Park and John Hong , SsD, New York, Boston, and Seoul