NEW RELEASE : “the living, breathing, thinking, responsive buildings of the future”

the living, breathing, thinking, responsive buildings of the future
One of the more exciting realities of 21st-century life is that objects are now able – with the help of embedded technology – to sense, think, act and communicate.Very soon, every building, city and landscape component will be equipped with communicative and computational capacities: we shall be surrounded by sentient architecture.

This book documents the role of architecture in shaping this new reality in multiple research trajectories launched and guided by the authors at the University of Toronto, MIT, and the University of Hong Kong. The projects establish an interdisciplinary platform involving artists, architects, designers, scientists and engineers spanning different institutions and continents, all of whom take a technological approach to spatial problems, one deeply attuned to the dynamics of living systems. The aim is to develop from these collaborative experiments a digitally enhanced architecture that is well-equipped to handle persistent and emerging challenges in creating a healthy and sustainable environment.


London : Thames & Hudson, 2012
HongKong : Oscer Riera Ojeda Publishers, 2012

Authors : Carol Moukheiber, Rodolphe el-Khoury, Christos Marcopoulos
Managing editor : Oscar Riera Ojeda
Creative Direction by Leo Malinow
Graphic Design by Alejandra Román
Copy Editing by Kit Maude
Cover & Flaps image by Justin Cheng


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