Lots of press and encouraging attention for IM BLANKY!

Selected links:

“IM Blanky: soft hardware- Developed by Studio NMinusOne, this is a self modeling blanket exhibiting primitive cognitive skills.AnewsreportfromToronto… ”

Wired UK (Geoff Manaugh)
“IM Blanky: the blanket that feels: Is the cloud not fluffy enough for you? Try a blanket instead… “

Wall Street Journal
“A Blanket With an I.P. Address: The IM Blanky’s sensors relay information about movement of the fabric to a computer

Fast Company Design
“Smart Blankie Senses Your Snuggles And Shares Them On The Internet: The world’s most snuggled object can now feel your touch…”

“IM Blanky by Studio NMinusOne and Rodolphe el-Khoury: Called Im Blanky, it maps the positions of 104 tilt sensors arranged…”

“High-tech blanket can watch you sleep: Toddlers hoping to add a new dimension to games of peek-a-boo need to look no further than a high-tech blanket under development in Canada…”

“IM Blanky: News of the sensory blanket that monitors you whilst you sleep…”

“The World’s Most High-Tech Blanket Could One Day Be Used For Easy 3D Modeling: It might not look like the traditional quilt your grandmother made for you, but that’s because the IM Blanky is embroidered with sensors, resistors, and conductive fabrics making it self-aware…”

“Smart blanket monitors you while you sleep: Architects from the University of Toronto have taken the idea of a “security blanket” into the 21st century…”

Toronto Star
“Innovative blanket could monitor your health – or just keep you toasty:Fold up the Snuggie. U of T architects have created a new comforter that’s as smart as it is pretty…”

Creative Apllications
“IM Blanky–Self-positioning and representing blanket by Studio NMinusOne: Created by Studio NMinusOne at the University of Toronto (Responsive Architecture at Daniels), IM Blanky is a self-positioning and representing blanket….”

“A Blanket That Knows its Own Shape: IM BLANKY, from a group of architects at the University of Toronto, is both blanket and input device. Its surface is decorated with a network of interconnected sensors and microcontrollers that is both functional and beautiful….”

Discovery News
“Conductive Blanket Makes 3-D Images: For those who never jumped on the Snuggie bandwagon, you were wise to wait. There’s a smarter, more advanced, self-aware blanket from the University of Toronto that will put all other wraps to shame…”

“Hi-tech blanket to keep patients well covered: A blanket made of conductive fabrics and featuring more than 100 sensors linked to a computer could offer a more comfortable hospital experience for future patients, according to its Toronto-based creators. Ben Gruber reports…”