RAD (2012-2015) was founded by NMO partners Carol Moukheiber and Christos Marcopoulos, with Rodolphe el-Khoury:

The lab was set up to research emerging responsive technologies. The lab’s aim among other things, was to function as a resource for research and practice. Its mission was to act as a platform where issues of health, adaptive spaces, structural responsiveness, energy conservation/harvesting, and atmospheric/climatic mediation, provoke multi-disciplinary engagement — where cognitive scientists, ecologists, engineers, and medical professionals are brought together to tackle problems coalescing around such questions as the future of the home, the workplace or the healthcare environment — in ways that are socially and ecologically beneficial.

The work produced during the lab’s run is published under 2 different titles (same content):

Make Alive: Prototypes for Responsive Architectures

The Living, Breathing, Thinking, Responsive Buildings of the Future